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Hidden Histories Highlighted.

Love the history we didn’t get in school. I know the last one was about a southern rock star.. but the pianist Madeline was a legend. 🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠 Great research, Dan.

Every episode is my favorite

I’m not a resident of Sanford yet, but I’m so enjoying learning about the history of Sanford in the meantime. I look forward to each episode and sharing what I hear. As a fellow historian, I’m fascinated by what’s in Sanford’s past as there’s no better way to know a place than to learn its history.

Great Content

Started listening from day one of the launch. Great content Dan! Keep it up. I am sure there a million untold stories in Sanford and Seminole County!

Excellent Podcast

I love that they are 15 minutes or so, so I can listen to them in my car while running errands. And the stories bring back such great memories! Keep up the EXCELLENT work.

Refreshing and Interesting

I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to all of the episodes. The podcast is interesting, entertaining, informative and such a welcome refreshing interlude during these challenging times. Thanks, Dan! Keep up the great work!

All of Them!

Loving all of your episodes! I will have to find some of the stories my Dad told me, like him and his high school buddies putting an alligator in the Mayfair Inn swimming pool in the dark of night to scare all the rich tourists staying there.

Great Listen

I have lived in Sanford all my life and these stories are awesome!! I love hearing the untold truths about this colorful historic town! I’m hooked and want more!!

I love a great story!!!

I'm neither from Sanford or live there. But I have visited and I love a good a good story! Hearing the stories behind this gorgeous little town makes Sanford a destination to linger in and explore!


Dan adds "BLING" to any story he presents. Thanks for your research and effort to bring us these long forgotten local history lessons.

Forrest Lake story

Dan this was very interesting. My Mom lost funds which had been left to her when her Mother passed ..away. It was in Forrest Lakes bank.

My Home Town!

I love hearing stories about my home town! I now live 750 miles away and eagerly wait for the next podcast. Thank You Dan you’re allowing me to share these with my grandchildren! 5 STARS!!!

Buddy Lake

Great story Dan and I guess I need to revise my version. I've told the story as it was told to me many years ago only then it was 21 innings. I'm guessing it's like fishing stories, they get exaggerated over time. Also if I remember correctly, the game didn't end until after 2:00 in the morning with very few of the fans leaving before then. Sanford v. DeLand was a huge rivalry.


I love it! I've never cared for Podcasts before, but Dan does a really fantastic job! His radio voice is great, he really gets into the details, and really tells the story quite well. Keep at it Dan!

Buddy Lake’s story a delight to learn about.

I thought it was great in a couple ways. The story tellers voice is captivating. The personal stories of Sanfordites in our community are very interesting. I’m also a Braves fan and wish Buddy could have survived what didn’t happen to him but if the injury and war wasn’t to be, I bet he would have been the best ball player ever!

Local History served in a fresh and delightful way

Dan's gift of storytelling will keep you engaged, interested, and eager to hear the next episode. I will definitely tell all my friends, family, and coworkers to "tune in!"

Small town, big story!

Dan's investigative reporting of local history is made enjoyable with interesting perspectives, and humorous characters, delivered in a caramel-smooth voice. Fascinating look behind the scenes of small town Florida

Interesting stories

Great voice to tell some interesting stories. I want more!

A great podcast about some of Sanford's more interesting--and less know--past

This was another great podcast. I learned a lot of interesting things I did not know. I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to the next one. Thanks, Dan!

Dan Ping's Celery City Stories podcast

I have to say that it has been a pleasure to see Dan step up to the plate and start to tell of the history of the city of Sanford. I thoroughly enjoyed the stories so far. I can’t wait to hear the next episode. Thank you Dan, outstanding job!